Waking Up the World and the Church in this Year for Consecrated Life, February 9, 2015

Fr. Roger J. Landry
Presentation to the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi
Overbrook Academy, Warwick, RI
February 9, 2015


To listen to an audio recording of this talk, please click below: 


This was the outline for the talk: 

  1. Introduction on the gift of the Year for Consecrated Life not just for consecrated men and women but for the whole Church. For consecrated men and women, it’s meant to help them as disciples (growing in the reality of their consecration) and apostles (helping to wake up the Church and the world to the inner nature of the Christian vocation in this world and the next).
  2. We focused on ten ways Consecrated Persons are called to help wake up the Church so that the whole Church can wwake up the World:
    • By the nature of consecration
    • By their modeling the search for God
    • By showing the primacy of prayer
    • By exemplifying the call to living in communion
    • By their charity and showing the face of the Good Samaritan
    • By their poverty and showing what true wealth is
    • By their obedience and showing what true freedom is and is for
    • By their chastity and showing what true love is
    • By their living as eschatological signs point us toward the kingdom
    • By their contagious joy, a sign of God’s presence