The Mission to Restore All Things in Christ, Triduum for the Missionaries of Charity, August 19-21, 2013

Fr. Roger J. Landry
Triduum for the Missionaries of Charity
New Bedford, Massachusetts
August 19-21, 2013

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In this homily, the following points were made for this homily for Wednesday of the 20th Week of Ordinary Time, Year I:

  • To receive the full life’s wage by God’s abundant generosity, we need to go to work in God’s vineyard, taking in his harvest of souls. We’re called to be responsible stewards and hard working servants in God’s kingdom.
  • This is different from the style of leadership shown by Abimelech in the first reading, which shows a corrupted form of reigning in opposition to the docility to God’s leadership.
  • St. Pius X grasped these lessons of leadership, entered the vineyard at a young age, and continued to work his entire life long bringing in the harvest.