The Eagle Has Landed, Feast of St. John the Evangelist, December 27, 1999

Entering Into Christ Through the Jubilee Door, December 24, 1999

Following Mary on her Advent Journey, December 21, 1999

Echoing Mary’s Fiat, 4th Sunday of Advent (B), December 19, 1999

God’s Will for Us, 3rd Sunday of Advent (B), December 12, 1999

Living & Spreading the Faith Like Xavier, December 3, 1999

Following Zacchaeus Up The Tree, Tuesday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time (I), November 16, 1999

Following St. Philip Neri All The Way, All Saints Day, November 1, 1999

Love, Freedom and the Holy Spirit, Monday of the 30th Week of Ordinary Time (I), October 25, 1999

Peter & Francis, October 4, 1999

Children & Ambition, Monday of the 26th Week of Ordinary Time (I), September 27, 1999

Loving Fraternal Correction, 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), September 5, 1999

The Keys & Who Christ Is, 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), August 22, 1999

Mary’s Assumption & the Dignity and Destiny of the Human Body, August 15, 1999

The Continual Multiplication of the Loaves & Fish, 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), August 1, 1999

The Yeast of the World, 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), July 18, 1999

Leaving Chorazin, Bethsaida & Capernaum, Tuesday of the 15th Week Ordinary Time (A), July 13, 1999

Taking Our Soil Sample, 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), July 11, 1999

Learning from Peter & Paul, So As To Imitate Them, Mass of Thanksgiving Homily, June 29, 1999

Be Not Afraid!, 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), June 20, 1999

Making Women’s Religious Life More Salty, Tuesday of the 10th Week of Ordinary Time (I), June 8, 1999

The Widow’s Mite, Thursday of the 9th Week of Ordinary Time (I), June 5, 1999

Knowledge & Questions, Saturday of the 8th Week of Ordinary Time (I), May 29, 1999

Peter, Paul & Pentecost, Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter, May 22, 1999

Orientation & Charity, Holy Hour for NAC Orientation Team, May 11, 1999

The Advent of Pentecost, 6th Sunday of Easter (A), May 9, 1999

Peace & Persecution,Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter, May 4, 1999

Living Stones & Padre Pio, 5th Sunday of Easter (A), May 2, 1999

The Contrast between St. Martin, Pope, and Ananias & Sapphira, Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Easter, April 13, 1999

The Word Made Flesh, NAC Holy Hour, March 14, 1999

The Stronger Man, Thursday of the 3rd Week of Lent, March 11, 1999

Avoiding Herod’s Yeast, Tuesday of the 6th Week of Ordinary Time (I), February 16, 1999

The New Adam and the New Eve, Saturday of the 5th Week of Ordinary Time (I), February 13, 1999

Salt of the Earth, 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A), February 7, 1999

Living the New Covenant, Friday of the Second Week of Ordinary Time, January 22, 1999

The Lord’s Temptations and Ours, Saturday of the 1st Week of Ordinary Time (I), January 16, 1999

Doing More than Changing Traffic Patterns, Pro-life Holy Hour, January 15, 1999