Mary in the Life of Priests and Seminarians, June 4, 2014

Fr. Roger J. Landry
Meditation on Mary in the Life of Priests and Seminarians
Rome Experience for Seminarians, CIAM Center, Urbanium University
June 4, 2014

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The outline of the talk was: 

  • Why the members of the early Church huddled around Mary in prayer.
  • Mary as the model and guide of the pilgrimage of Christian life.
  • The struggles some priests and seminarians have with Marian devotion
  • Our Rome Experience, just like it needs to be an experience of getting to know Saints Peter and Paul as we’ve discussed in past days, also needs to be a time in which we learn from the history of the saints here in Rome something about their Marian piety.
  • We have a few aspects of Marian piety on which we should spend some time in prayer to receive the seeds that God wants to implant within us as we visit the places in which Mary is revered under the following titles.
  1. Mary, Salus Populi Romani
  2. Our Lady of Victory / Our Lady of the Rosary
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  4. Our Lady of Angels and Martyrs