Endorsements for Plan of Life: Habits To Help You Grow Closer to God




I am immensely grateful to all those — my friends — who have endorsed Plan of Life: Habits to Help You Grow Closer to God. There endorsements are found at the beginning of the work.





Séan Cardinal O’Malley, OFM, Cap., Archbishop of Boston — “From routine tasks to complex projects and special events, if we are going to be successful, we need to have a plan. Father Landry provides us a practical, accessible, and very helpful means of developing a plan for living our faith and growing in holiness. At a time when so many voices are competing for our attention, and some calling us in the wrong direction, this book guides us through the steps of strengthening our spiritual life and our participation in the life of the Church. I highly recommend it for anyone who has recognized the need for a better spiritual focus in their daily life but doesn’t know where or how to begin. With great generosity, humility, and devotion to the Lord and our Blessed Mother, Father Landry shows us the way forward.”

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York —  “A successful spiritual life needs the same discipline that a successful diet or physical training requires. Father Landry’s very helpful book prompts us to develop such a regimen for growth in holiness. It’s hardly a ‘self-help’ book, but a ‘soul-help’ one, reminding us on each page that the real help comes only from the Lord.”

Archbishop Bernardito C. Auza, Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Representative of the Holy See to the United Nations — “Many of us try to squeeze God into our crowded life rather than seek to center our life around God. Father Landry not only shows us the path to unite our life to God but also accompanies us step by step in that transformation. This book will change you and may be just what you need to find the life you’ve always wanted and that God has wanted for you.”

Most Reverend Edgar da Cunha, Bishop of Fall River — “The ultimate goal of the life of every Christian is union with the Blessed Trinity and eventually to be a saint. As Father Landry says, ‘Every major goal in life requires a plan.’ We plan our days, weeks, months, and years. We plan our appointments, activities, commitments, work, and business. How about planning our spiritual life? Father Landry shows in this book how to plan our spiritual journey so that we don’t get lost on the way.”

Father George William Rutler, author; pastor of St. Michael Parish, New York City — “To have a plan for daily living is posited on the premise that there is a purpose for life. This may seem obvious, but in our culture there are sad rumors that there is no reason for living beyond managing to exist. Since the Spirit gives life, spiritual practices are at the heart of living, and Father Landry suggests in clear and amiable ways, rather like Francis de Sales and Alfonsus Liguori, what this means.”

Reverend Francis J. “Rocky” Hoffman, executive director of Relevant Radio — “‘No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan.’ Father Roger Landry has written an enormously helpful book for those planning to get to heaven. By explaining in clear and simple language the time-tested method of a ‘Plan of Life,’ Father Landry’s book will encourage and inspire even the most lukewarm soul to become a better Christian. A must-have book for your spiritual reading library.”

Father Raymond de Souza, editor in chief of Convivium magazine — “The late Father Bob Bedard, founder of Canada’s Companions of the Cross, told thousands of people the secret to a good spiritual life: ‘The decision not to go to bed on time is a decision not to pray the next morning.’ Rather simple. And true. Father Landry, in this most practical of books, takes you from that bedtime moment, to waking the next morning, to bedtime again and shows how—with work and study and family—you can consecrate that time to God. If you don’t have a ‘plan of life’ you won’t grow in friendship with God. You don’t have to use this book, but why make it more di cult to begin without it?”

Father Gerald E. Murray, pastor of Holy Family Church, New York; member of EWTN’s “Papal Posse” — “Father Landry has given us an easy-to-read guide on living a daily Catholic spiritual program that is challenging and rewarding, but not impossibly burdensome. He presents and explains various norms of piety that nourish us in our struggle to grow closer to God. This book informs, inspires, and encourages: you can grow in love for God by taking time to pray at different points throughout the day.”

George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair at the Catholic Studies, Ethics and Public Policy Center; author of Witness to Hope —  “Father Roger Landry is one of the leaders of the New Evangelization in the United States. His advice on how to be the missionary disciples we were all baptized to be is always thoughtful, engaging, and welcome.”

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Senior Fellow of the National Review Institute; editor-at-large of National Review; nationally syndicated columnist — “Father Landry was born to be a coach of the spiritual life. And this is the most accessible manual you could pick up for being seriously, joyfully Catholic now, in the busy-ness of your life. Your imitation in Christ will only grow if you follow this holy priest’s advice.”

Matthew Kelly, Founder of Dynamic Catholic — Father Roger Landry is one of the great voices of clarity in our times of confusion. He is a friend to your soul. In these pages he will be your spiritual guide. Chapter by chapter, he presents the great spiritual practices that will help you to build a Plan of Life. This book is like the man. It will inspire you to want to live a holy life. Every time I am with Father Landry, I walk about inspired, filled with hope, and hungry to be a better person and live a better life. These pages are dripping with that kind of hope and inspiration. (From the Foreward)

Mary Eberstadt, author of How the West Really Lost God and Adam and Eve After the Pill — “At a time when many Christians feel buffeted by the rising tide of secularism, Father Roger Landry’s book is the ideal guide to higher and better ground. Plan of Life is nothing less than a beautiful answer to the prayer, ‘Show me and my family how to live.’ It’s the perfect gift for Confirmation, graduation, birthdays, and every other milestone that’s celebrated in this world while pointing to the next.”

Raymond Arroyo, New York Times best-selling author, lead anchor of EWTN’s The World Over Live“We live in an age of spiritual junk food that brings momentary comfort, but little nutrition. This book is an eighteen-course meal of nourishment—bite-size portions that will bolster your spiritual health while provoking longings for the heavenly banquet. As a member of my ‘Conclave Crew’ during the election of Pope Francis, Father Landry made the most arcane details of Church history and doctrine accessible to everyone. His usual brilliance and heartfelt concern for souls is evident on every page of this much-needed book.”

Peggy Noonan, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Wall Street Journal —  “I have twice been on pilgrimages to Rome with Father Landry and experienced, with other journalists, his opening up of the great treasures of faith there. So it is no surprise to see him offer here a brilliant little treasure chest of spiritual practices. Most people have a desire to grow closer to God but don’t know how. Herein lies a map.”

Robert Royal, Faith & Reason Institute — “Lots of people want to improve their spiritual lives and some make repeated efforts to do so. But many fail from not having personal guidance or a workable plan, something we would seek in any other part of life. Father Roger Landry’s approach is not only clear and easy to follow, it’s lively and spiritually enlightening on every page. One can’t help but benefit from the wisdom and practical advice he offers. This is a book to read, and to keep handy to reread often.”

Kirsten Powers, CNN political commentator, USA Today columnist, author of The Silencing — “Father Landry was instrumental in helping me embrace the Catholic faith. He has a way of explaining the faith with clarity, passion, and beauty. Reading this book has strengthened my faith and will help strengthen yours!”

R.R. Reno, editor of First Things — “Jesus calls us to friendship with him. How do we take up this wonderful invitation? Father Landry distills the Church’s wisdom and provides what we all need—good counsel that’s at once practical and spiritual. This is the perfect book for all Christians who want to drink more deeply from the spring of living water that wells up to eternal life.

Elizabeth Scalia, author of Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life“We like to plan out every aspect of our celebrations, our travel, and even our errand running, yet so often we leave our spiritual lives up to chance and then wonder why we’re not getting any- where. Here, like a good coach, Father Landry reveals the ‘game-plan’ by which we can truly deepen our prayer lives, grow in our outreach, and pursue holiness. Plan of Life is a practical and inspiring exhortation to take up the tools, practices, and sacraments of the Church and use them to build a spiritual life that is ingrained, structured, and oriented toward heaven.”

Plan of Life: Habits to Help You Grow Closer to God, was published on February 1, 2018 by Pauline Books and Press. You can find it in most good Catholic Book Stores, but you can also order it online by clicking on the following links:


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