Becoming a Real Man of God, by Fr. Roger Landry for the Knights of Columbus’s Veritas Series “Proclaiming the Faith in the Third Millennium.”

Becoming a Real Man of God
Father Roger Landry

Father Roger Landry was asked by the Knights of Columbus to write this booklet for men.  It is part of the Knights of Columbus’s Veritas Series “Proclaiming the Faith in the Third Millennium.”  The General Editor of the Series is Father Juan-Diego Brunetta, O.P., the Director of the Catholic Information Service for the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council.

Recent studies have shown what men have known all along — there has been a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) degradation of men and masculinity in society over the past several decades. How frequently do we find men on television portrayed as bumbling, sex-fixated, insensitive idiots? It frequently makes for good humor; but how much does it accurately portray real men, the men we are, the men we know, our brother Knights? In a society of “metrosexuality,” many men are today seeking an authentic spirituality and a path to Godliness that takes into account the spirituality of their maleness.

“Becoming a Real Man of God” explores the life of manly virtue and the offers suggestions for reclaiming authentic masculinity in modern society today.

Father Landry covers the following topics:

  • Showing Oneself a Strong, Faithful Man of God
  • Back to the beginning
  • Real love
  • Men and women love differently
  • Saint Joseph as an icon of authentic masculine love
  • The virtues of a soldier of Christ
  • Forming virtuous, masculine men
  • The perversion of masculinity
  • First Challenge: Our culture no longer cultivates responsibility in young men
  • Second Challenge: The culture of irresponsibility in sexuality
  • Third challenge: An increased effeminacy in our culture
  • Fourth challenge: The push to normalize homosexual behavior
  • The Good News for a recovery of authentic masculinity in our modern societies
  • The sacramental spiral

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