(2008) Priestly Preparation for the Pauline Year, March 25-27, 2008

To listen to Fr. Dave Cavanagh’s talk on Experiencing, Living and Preaching Conversion: From St. Paul’s Dramatic Conversion to his Becoming An Ambassador of Christ Calling Others to Be Reconciled, please click below:

To listen to Fr. Wayne Belschner’s talk on Vessels of Clay Holding a Treasure: St. Paul’s Priestly Humanity; When We Are Weak, We Are Strong in Him who Strengthens Us, please click below:

To listen to Fr. Thomas Buckley’s talk on Living in Communion with Father, Son and Holy Spirit: St. Paul’s Experience and Theology of the Trinity in Priestly Life, please click below:

To listen to Fr. Andrew Johnson’s talk on Glorying in the Cross: Being Crucified with Christ so that He Really Lives in our Priesthood and We, like Paul, Preach Christ Crucified, please click below:

To listen to Fr. Roger Landry’s talk on Icon of Apostolic Daring for the New Evangelization: St. Paul’s Apostolic Adventures, Vicissitudes and Triumphs: What He Learned From Them and What We Should Learn from Them, please click below: 

2008 Seminar Poster